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MoD purchases updated and enhanced Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles

21 April 2004

The Ministry of Defence has reached agreement with the United States Government, under the terms of a Foreign Military Sales case, to purchase 64 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM), Lord Bach, Minister for Defence Procurement, announced today.

These conventionally armed land attack missiles are the new 'Block IV' TLAM (also known as TacTom), which have a higher specification than our existing - 'Block III' - missiles. As such, they will
provide the added ability to retarget or abort mission in flight and will have a Battle Damage Indication capability. They will be capable of being fired from our current Trafalgar Class submarines as well as
from the new Astute Class submarines when they enter service.

This decision shows our continued commitment to enabling precision attack at long range against selected targets. In addition, the ability to pre-position the missile covertly in our attack submarines
gives enormous flexibility to our forces.

Lord Bach, Minister for Defence Procurement, said:

"I am delighted to confirm that we will be proceeding with the procurement of this vital capability for the Royal Navy. Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles are a key component of our inventory of precision weapons and have made a significant contribution to operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. This announcement ensures that we will stay in line with the latest US developments of the Tomahawk missile and maintain the updated capability throughout the life of the Astute class submarine."

Notes to Editors:

1. The missiles are made by Raytheon in the USA and supplied to the UK by under the terms of a Foreign Military Sales case. Raytheon Systems Ltd at Glenthroes in Fife manufactures some of the missile electronics. In addition, some limited upgrade work is required to our submarine fleet to enable them to launch this enhanced missile, this will be undertaken by BAE Systems and Ultra electronics in the UK.

2. The total value of the contract is 70,000,000

3. For further information, contact James Shelley, Defence Press Office on 0202 218 7950

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