MOD Police - Operational Support Units

The MDP Operational Support Units (North and South) are a strategic, specialist policing reserve providing the Agency with a flexible and mobile response. They also provide the Agency with an extended, overarching ability to respond to the diverse and varied policing and security needs of the MOD.

Specialist Firearms Support 
All OSU officers are authorised firearms officers, and are trained to exacting and high standards on multiple weapons systems. Whether armed or unarmed, they  have the training and capability to support or respond to any incidents whether pre-planned or spontaneous which occur on the MOD estate.

All OSU officers are search trained and are nationally accredited by the Police National Search Centre.

Officers are able to conduct offensive and defensive searches within a range of environments, and are capable of being deployed alongside AES dogs in order to assist with searches of vehicles and buildings.

General Policing Support
OSU officers can be deployed to provide policing and specialist support services to Divisional colleagues at events such as Royal or VIP visits or Military Open Days.

They also provide uniformed assistance to CID and Fraud Squad investigations, and can be deployed to carry out high visibility patrols of Service quarters and other vulnerable sites during times of tension (e.g. following a heightened terrorist threat)

MDP Operational Support officers carrying out a search

MDP Operational Support officers carrying out a search

Public Order
All OSU officers are Level One trained in Public Order (the highest standard) and can provide Police Support Units to deal with protester activity that may escalate and become violent.

As part of this Public Order capability, the OSU can deploy Method of Entry Teams to secure access to premises to arrest occupants, or search and secure evidence.

Rope Access and Protestor Removal Teams
OSU officers are trained in Rope Access and confined spaces techniques, enabling an effective response to spontaneous incidents and demonstrations at Defence locations where protesters blockade entry or exit points or scale high-level buildings or structures.

All members of the Rope Access teams are trained to national standards and are able to use an extensive range of cutting equipment. They can also be tasked with searching areas at height.

MDP Operational support officers carrying out rope access training

MDP Operational support officers carrying out rope access training

CBRN Response (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear)
The OSU forms the higher echelon response for CBRN incidents within the MOD. They have their own cadre of instructors with links to both the national Police and MOD CBRN schools.

The OSU is capable of being deployed to conduct chemical reconnaissance, or surveys and profiling, and operates small decontamination units.

Officers can adopt a firearms posture in CBRN conditions and have access to relevant chemical agent monitors, alarms and other equipment.

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