Youth justice

Children and young people who break the law are dealt with quite differently than adult offenders. Those under the age of 18 require different kinds of sentences and support services to help them prevent reoffending.

Together with the Department for Children Schools and Families, we have created a joint unit with responsibility for youth justice issues and sponsorship of the Youth Justice Board. The unit brings together the expertise of both departments to contribute to the protection of the public by developing policy and law in relation to children who offend and are at risk of offending. One of its aims will be to ensure that children and young people who come into contact with the criminal justice system achieve all five outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda: to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.
The Unit is responsible for a number of other areas including:

  • early intervention and prevention programmes
  • resettlement and reducing youth reoffending
  • the out-of-court system, those on community sentences and in custody
  • the education of young offenders in custody
  • managing attendance centres in England and Wales

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