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Revitalising health and safety

What is Revitalising health and safety (RHS)?

It is a 10-year strategy to improve health and safety at work, launched jointly by the government and Health and Safety Commission on 7 June 2000. It contains three elements: a set of improvement targets, a 10-point strategy and 44 action points to improve health and safety.

What is RHS about?

It is about injecting new impetus into better health and safety in all workplaces through:

  • helping people at work to protect themselves and their business
  • making work a better place to be
  • helping you decide how to make your work safer and healthier

Why did we need to 'revitalise' health and safety?

In Great Britain in 2000, the same proportion of people had been injured at work since the early 1990s. The Health and Safety at Work Act (passed in 1974) was the most recent piece of law for health and safety at work. The government and the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) wanted to put more effort into managing health and safety to start reducing these numbers.