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Health Protection Report Back Issues

Health Protection Report Back Issues start from Vol 1 Issue 1, 5 January 2007.

Communicable Disease Report (CDR) Back Issues

All Back Issues for the predecessor publication, CDR Weekly, Vol 1 to 16 (1991 to 2006) can be found at either: or

  • Back Issues (drop-down menu format)
    This section contains a PDF version of every issue since 1991. We recommend using this method to search CDR Weekly over a narrow range (ie no more than one or two years), but it is best used when you already know the Volume and Issue number and need to download the printable PDF version. Visit: All Back Issues
  • Back Issues (simple list format)
    As above, in a simple list format, with no drop-down menu access.

CDR Archives

The full CDR Weekly archive back to 1991 can be found at the CDR Weekly archive page.

For easy retrieval of all CDR Weekly archive material, the archive section comprises of four main sub-divisions:

News Archives

Infection reports

  • Infection Reports
    This section provides access to webpages by infection category (ie Enteric, Respiratory, etc). This content is in HTML format and also goes back to 2001, visit: Infection Reports Archive

CDR Review (monthly) and CDR Supplements

  • While CDR Weekly presented the week's news and current data, CDR Review provided original papers, reviews and reports of surveillance and outbreak investigations on a monthly basis. These were peer reviewed, and CDR Review - along with the rest of the Communicable Disease Report - was listed on Medline. This section also includes CDR supplements, visit CDR Reviews and Supplements