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MoPI Guidance - Step model - Retention Guidelines

The Retention Guidelines will replace the existing ‘ACPO General Rules for Criminal Record Weeding on Police Systems’ and be published on the 31 March 2006, and will form part of the guidance issued under the Code for Management of Police Information (MoPI).

Section 7 of the Management of Police Information, concerning ‘Review, Retention and Disposal’ relates to information held on all police systems, other than the PNC. The review, retention and disposal of information on the PNC must be conducted in accordance with the Retention Guidelines.

The Retention Guidelines are based on a format of restricting access to PNC data, rather than the deletion of that data. The restriction of access is achieved by setting strict time periods after which the relevant event histories will ‘step down’ and only be open to inspection by the police.

Following the ‘step down’ other users of PNC will be unaware of the existence of such records, save for those occasions where the individual is the subject of an Enhanced check under the Criminal Records Bureau vetting process. In those cases the data should be dealt with as intelligence and only disclosed, where the relevance test has been applied, on the authority of the Chief Officer. (This arrangement will come fully into place providing that changes to Part V of the Police Act 1997, set out in the current Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill, are approved). The ‘step down’ time periods are based on the following criteria:

  • The age of the subject
  • The final outcome
  • The sentence imposed
  • The offence category

Date: Tue Apr 04 12:25:23 BST 2006

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