HM Treasury

Spending Review

Chapter 20: Cabinet Office


Support the Government's delivery and reform programme.

Objectives and performance targets

Objective I: support the Prime Minister in leading the Government.

Objective II: support the Government in transacting its business.

1. Ensure departments deliver better regulation through:

Objective III: help deliver key public service priorities.

2. Improve public services by working with departments to help them meet their PSA targets, consistently with the fiscal rules. Joint target with HM Treasury

3. Ensure departments meet the Prime Minister's targets for electronic service delivery by Government: 100% capability by 2005, with key services achieving high levels of use.

Objective IV: lead the reform programme for public services.

4. Ensure that the Civil Service becomes more open and diverse, by achieving by 2004-05 the agreed targets of: 35% Senior Civil Service (SCS) to be women; 25% of top 600 posts to be filled by women; 3.2% of the SCS to be from ethnic minority backgrounds; and 3% of the SCS to be people with disabilities.

5. Improve public services by working with departments to redesign services around the needs of customers and embed the four principles of public service reform, with progress measured by survey evidence.

Objective V: coordinate security, intelligence and civil contingencies matters to protect the UK against disruptive challenges.

Value for Money

6. Achieve a 2.5% efficiency saving each year on administrative resources.

Who is responsible for delivery?

The Minister for the Cabinet Office is responsible for delivery of the targets in this PSA. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is jointly responsible for the delivery of target 2. The Head of the Home Civil Service reports to the Prime Minister directly on Civil Service reform (target 4).

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