Employment Market Analysis and Research (EMAR)

Employment Market Analysis and Research (EMAR) is as a multidisciplinary team of economists, social researchers and statisticians based in the Employment Relations Directorate of DTI.

Our role is to provide the evidence base for good policy making in employment relations, labour market and equality and discrimination at work. We do this through:

  • Conducting periodic socio-economic benchmark surveys
  • Commissioning external research projects and reports
  • Conducting in-house research and analysis
  • Assessing the regulatory impact of new employment laws and programmes
  • Monitoring and evaluating of the impact of government policies

We publicly disseminate results of this research through the DTI Employment Relations Research Series. All reports are available as a downladable pdf and more recently published reports are also available in hard copy from the DTI Publications website. For further details of EMAR's work please use the left hand navigation under Research and Evaluation.