£100m plan to electrify Manchester to Liverpool railway

The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP, Minister of State for Transport, talks about the Government's £100 million plan to electrify the Manchester to Liverpool railway.

Date filmed: 25 July 2009


Sadiq Khan, Minister of State for Transport: I’m here in Liverpool to announce the great news of £100 million worth of investment which will lead to the electrification of the line between Liverpool and Manchester. You know the world’s oldest intercity train was between these two great cities. All we’ve announced today will mean investment in the line. It’ll mean an average train that takes 60 minutes between these two cities will take 30 minutes. It’ll mean trains being more environmentally friendly, less carbon emissions, less greenhouse emissions. There’ll be more people being able to use the trains, more carriages. They’ll be quieter trains. Electric trains make less trains noise than diesel trains. So it’s great news. The announcement I’ve made today in Liverpool and Manchester, the £100 million, adds to the £1 billion announcement made by Andrew Adonis in London with the Prime Minister electrifying the line between London and Swansea. It’s investing in Britain’s future, it’s investing in railway networks, it’s investing in low carbon forms of transport. I’m really pleased at the response we’ve had in Manchester and Liverpool, and the residents here will see the benefits within four years, electric lines, and in London to Swansea within eight years. Record quick time to see electric… electrification between Liverpool and Manchester which is much needed.

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