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Experiences of road accidents - Piloting new questions for the National Travel Survey

This article summarises the results of a study testing a set of survey questions designed to collect information on people's experiences of road accidents. The questions were tested in the Office for National Statistics' Omnibus Survey in August and September 2006. The NS Omnibus was used to test the questions prior to their inclusion in the National Travel Survey (NTS) from January 2007. The report focuses on the methodological issues that need consideration in interpreting the findings.

The Department for Transport already has an authoritative source of data on road casualties in Great Britain based on statistics collated from police records of road accidents (the 'STATS19' system) The NTS will provide a complementary source of data to help build a balanced and comprehensive picture of the extent and nature of road accidents.

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Published on 24 May 2007 by Transport Statistics

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