Manchester Metrolink Working Group Minutes

Subject: Manchester Metrolink

Published: 2 February 2005

Request: Response to a Freedom of Information request

The minutes of the four Manchester Metrolink working group meetings are listed below. All of these meetings were attended by Tony McNulty MP. None of them was attended by Alistair Darling MP.

The meetings were also attended by DfT officials, representatives from Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority and Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive and Keith Bradley MP.

Some of the content of the meeting notes could not be disclosed as they concern details of legal professional privilege. Section 42 of the Freedom of Information Act states that information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege or, in Scotland, to confidentiality of communications could be maintained in legal proceedings is exempt information. A public interest test was conducted on the implications of releasing the legal advice contained in the November minutes. It is our view that the balance of the public interest test falls in favour of the maintenance of exemptions in relation to the legal advice discussed in the meeting notes.

Documents released:

Manchester Metrolink Working Group Meetings - response to FOI request (30 kb)

Published in response to an FOI request for Manchester Metrolink Working Group Minutes.

02 February 2005