Breakdown of Eddington study costs

Sir Rod Eddington was jointly commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Transport to examine the long-term links between transport and the UK's economic productivity, growth and stability, within the context of the Government's broader commitment to sustainable development.

The Study was announced in the Budget 2005 and reported on 1st December 2006 to accompany the 2006 Pre-Budget Report. An extensive stakeholder engagement process was undertaken and a range of policy experts were consulted during the course of the Study. The findings and the recommendations are therefore underpinned by extensive evidence and analysis and have been subject to rigorous challenge by academic experts.

Sir Rod received support and expert advice from many officials from both her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) and the Department for Transport (DfT), including a small dedicated team of civil servants from both HMT and DfT working full-time to support Sir Rod. Sir Rod also received significant support and expert advice from external academics and modelling consultancies.  In presenting the costs of the Study, it should be noted that the figures below include a “Pay Total” figure which does not include the help and support provided to the Study by experts within HMT and DfT, other than the dedicated team. Sir Rod Eddington provided his time voluntarily to the Government and no fee was incurred for his work.

Set out below are the figures for the total expenses of the Eddington Study. [1]

  HMT 2005-06 HMT 2006-07 DfT 2005-06 DfT 2006-07 Totals
Pay Total (including agency staff) 181,549.70 182,507.59 231,774.24 254,505.50 850,337.03
Training for team members 875.46   4,968.17 1,343.50 7,187.13
Office supplies 8,923.63 425.31 5,868.87 769.56 15,987.37
Travel and Subsistence 5,419.96 11,458.16 7,172.77 1,945.71 25,996.60
Stakeholder event costs 2,469.51 1,108.99 1,194.50 1,392.15 6,165.15
Academic research and modelling consultancy 34,800.00 25,200.00 91,234.34 239,277.91 390,512.25
Publication and launch costs   37,679.00   1,878.25 39,557.25
Total Non Pay 52,488.56 75,871.46 110,438.65 246,607.08 485,405.75
Total 234,038,26 258,379.06 342,212.89 501,112.58 1,335,742.70

[1] These figures were compiled as part of the transfer of ongoing responsibility for the implementation of the Eddington Study from a joint HM Treasury and Department for Transport team to a team based solely in the Department for Transport.