Aid effectiveness

In order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) it is agreed that we need to secure "more and better aid". Aid effectiveness refers to the second part of the equation. A set of principles has emerged which, whilst not definitive, give a good impression of what we think effective aid should look like:

  • Country owned
  • Aligned with national poverty reduction strategy
  • Delivered through effective institutions
  • Results focused
  • Allocated to the poorest
  • Harmonisation between donors
  • Predictable and untied aid
  • Appropriate use of aid instruments
  • Development supported by non-aid policies, for example trade, agriculture and investment.


Here you can access a series of briefing notes on aid effectiveness principles and pointers for further reading:

Making Aid more Effective through Gender, Rights and Inclusion: Evidence from Implementing the Paris Declaration

For full report and country case studies visit external linkOECD website and external linkOPM website.

DFID produces a monthly newsletter on Aid Effectiveness.

Last updated: 7 October 2008