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Me and My Family My Family's Changing My Family's Splitting Up Parents and Children
Me and My Family My Family's Changing My Family's Splitting Up Parents and Children
Fi a'm teulu Mae fy nheulu'n newid Mae fy nheulu'n gwahanu Rhieni a Phlant


If your parents are splitting up here are some leaflets to help you understand what is happening and the changes in your family. We hope you'll find them helpful.

These leaflets also contain helpful factual information about the courts and divorce proceedings.


To make it easier for your children to cope with your divorce or separation, the leaflet Parents and Children offers information and guidance for you on how to discuss what's happening with them, and help them to adjust to the changes that are taking place.

The parenting plans help parents and other relatives reach agreement about child contact arrangements, after parental separation. The plans provide a guide on the issues they need to consider when making contact arrangements and offer advice on family relationships, supporting the children, and what to do when they are finding it difficult to agree. The plans also include a set of case examples which indicate how parents might resolve their differences, outline what parental responsibility is and who has it, and provide a comprehensive list of agencies and organisations where adults can find further advice and help.

Paper Copies

Paper copies of the leaflets are available from county courts and magistrates courts dealing with family matters, solicitors' offices, mediation services, CAFCASS offices, and many voluntary organisations working directly with children.

You can download or order hard copies of the Parenting Plans and the leaflets from the Department for Education and Skills website. Alternatively, you can order copies by email or in writing, to Freepost, PO Box 2001, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH1 8BR.


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