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A consultation by the Department for Constitutional Affairs

Increasing Diversity in the Judiciary

October 2004

[CP 25/04]

This document is the post-consultative report of the Increasing Diversity in the Judiciary paper, which was published on 13 October 2004. It invited comments on how the judiciary of England and Wales can be made more reflective of society today, whilst continuing to make judicial appointments based solely on merit.

Consultation Paper
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Consultation Paper

This consultation paper invited suggestions as to how the judiciary of England and Wales might be made more reflective of today's society, while continuing to make judicial appointments based solely on merit. It looked to identify the barriers that deterred able candidates from wishing to become judges, and to find ways of solving or minimising these problems in order to widen the pool of applicants for judicial appointment. The consultation was aimed at all those with an interest in judicial diversity in England and Wales.

This consultation closed on 21 January 2005.


This report summarises the responses to each question in the consultation paper. The paper also states, where appropriate, the conclusions that we have reached following the consultation on some key points and any amendments to policy.

Contact details

Further copies of the consultation paper can be obtained by contacting the address below:

Judicial & Appointments Policy Unit
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