Creative Industries Economic Estimates - February 2010

This bulletin contains statistics on gross value added, exports, employment and numbers of businesses within the creative industries.

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Headline Findings

  1. Contribution to the economy – Gross Value Added (Tables 1a and 1b)
    • The Creative Industries, excluding Crafts and Design, accounted for 6.2% of Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2007.
    • The Creative Industries grew by an average of 5% per annum between 1997 and 2007. This compares to an average of 3% for the whole of the economy over this period.
    • Software, Computer Games & Electronic Publishing has had the highest average growth (9% p.a.).

  2. Exports of services (Table 2)
    • Exports of services by the Creative Industries totalled £16.6 billion in 2007. This equated to 4.5% of all goods and services exported.
    • 33% of the total Creative Industries exports were contributed by the Software, Computer Games & Electronic Publishing sector.

  3. Employment (Table 3)
    • In the summer quarter of 2008, creative employment totalled just under 2 million jobs. This comprised over 1.1 million jobs in the Creative Industries and over 800,000 further creative jobs within businesses outside these industries.
    • Total creative employment increased from 1.6m in 1997 to nearly 2m in 2008, an average growth rate of 2% per annum, compared to 1% for the whole of the economy over this period.
    • The Software, Computer Games & Electronic Publishing sector showed growth in employment of 5% per annum between 1997 and 2008, the highest across the Creative Industries.

  4. Numbers of businesses (Table 4)
    • In 2008, there were an estimated 157,400 businesses in the Creative Industries on the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR). The true proportion of enterprises that are in the Creative Industries is likely to be higher as certain sectors such as Crafts contain predominantly small businesses - see Annex C for further detail.
    • Around two-thirds of the businesses in the Creative Industries are contained within two sectors; Software, Computer Games and Electronic Publishing (75,000 companies) and Music and the Visual & Performing Arts (31,200 companies).


Creating a consistent time series for Radio and TV

Since the last bulletin (published in January 2009) there have been further revisions to the methodology and source data for the Radio and TV series. Therefore DCMS has undertaken detailed work to create a consistent time series and to ensure continued data quality for the creative industries. Please see the Technical Note below for explanation of these revisions and other methodological issues.


For further detail about the estimates, or to be added to a distribution list for future updates, please email the department via


Future Work

This will be the last bulletin produced using the existing structure. Future bulletins will need to use the new 2007 SIC structure and we will be undertaking work to map the new SIC codes to the creative industries over the coming months. This will include reviewing the framework for measuring the creative industries and the provision of regional data.

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