London 2012 Olympic Legacy Action Plan

Included in the Legacy Action Plan document are references to research undertaken between July and October 2007

This action plan is about the long-term benefits that we can stimulate through London hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2012. It builds on Our Promise for 2012, published in June 2007, which made five promises to set the scale for our ambition:

  1. To make the UK a world-leading sporting nation
  2. To transform the heart of East London
  3. To inspire a generation of young people
  4. To make the Olympic Park a blueprint for sustainable living
  5. To demonstrate the UK is a creative, inclusive and welcoming place to live in, visit and for business.

The research programme incorporated qualitative and quantitative research among the general public.  Additionally desk research was carried out to pull together existing information already in the public domain about past Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as other 'mega-events' such as sporting World Cups.



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