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Eco-towns imageEco-towns will be sustainable developments of at least 5,000 homes. The standards that they must meet are set out in the Planning Policy Statement (PPS): eco-towns (July 2009), including requirements on sustainability, affordable housing, low and zero carbon technologies and public transport. The PPS includes the four first wave locations with the potential to have an eco-town, and low-carbon demonstrator projects have been funded at each of these sites. A second wave of potential eco-town locations have received funding to support further studies and demonstrator projects.

Development of the eco-towns policy

09 March 2010: Funding announced for potential second wave locations

Funding was announced from the £10m made available for the potential second wave eco-town locations on 9 March 2010, along with two further Local Authorities confirmed as part of the second wave - East Devon and Fareham. This was to help fund further studies, to test the feasibility to develop proposals to the PPS standards and progress them through the local planning system, and also support early demonstrator projects at the sites to showcase to local communities what is achievable. On 1 April an expression of interest from in the  Haven Gateway Partnership, was also confirmed as part of the second wave and awarded funding to examine the feasibility of developing to eco-towns standards.

08 February 2010: Allocation of funding for first wave eco-towns

In February 2010 £60 million was made available for local authorities in the first wave locations. This was to help fund local infrastructure and early demonstrator projects, at or near the locations,  to trial the kind of technologies and projects which will be rolled out across the whole development, and to showcase sustainable technology and behaviour change techniques.

01 December 2009: Expressions of interest received for funding to examine feasibility of further exemplar green developments

Announcement of second wave expressions of interest received from local authorities to build to eco-towns standards . It was also announced that the funding available would be increased to £10 million to help fund early stage demonstrator projects at the sites and feasibility studies on the locations.

More details about the announcement are set out in the Written Ministerial statement to Parliament  of 1 December 2009 (external link).

These proposals are being taken forward with the local authorities working with partners across Government and the Agencies.  

Autumn 2009: Local authorities in the 'first wave' locations, with the potential to have an eco-town, bid for funding to support local infrastructure

The bidding round for the £60m announced on 16 July followed consultation with local authorities, their delivery team partners, and the Local Government Association on the process for allocating this funding.

16 July 2009: Planning Policy Statement: eco-towns and potential locations published

The Planning Policy Statement: eco-towns and supporting documents were published on this date following consultation. The Planning Policy Statement: eco-towns sets out the standards eco-towns must meet and includes the 'first wave' locations which were assessed as having the potential for an eco-town.
The documents published can be found at the foot of this page.

November 2008 - 30 April 2009: Consultation on draft Eco-towns Planning Policy Statement

The consultation sought views from stakeholders and the general public on the draft standards and potential 'first wave' locations for eco-towns. Comments on Middle Quinton will continue to be accepted while the decision is on hold until the outcome of the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy review is known.

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