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Targeted Support Fund

realhelp_target.jpgThe £15.5 million Real Help for Communities: Targeted Support Fund will provide grant funding to small and medium providers in communities most at risk of increased deprivation due to the recession. This is in addition to the £130 million already committed to the Grassroots Grants programme meaning more small grants to more community groups. 

Grants will be available to small, local third sector service providers who have experienced increased demand as a result of the recession.  Services that will be funded under the Targeted Support Fund will be those that are providing key, recession focussed services under one of the themes below:

The 50 areas that will benefit from the grants programme are listed below together with a guidance note for local funders: 

The 50 areas were chosen as those ‘most at risk of increased deprivation’ in England.  Identification of these areas was achieved by cross referencing existing data from the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) with the percentage increase in the number of Jobseekers Allowance claimants in the area from January 2008-2009.

The allocations are based on the populations of each area and the increased number of new JSA claimants from January 2008-2009.

The programme will be delivered at a national level by the Community Development Foundation (CDF).

The application window for this programme closed on 30th June 2009.  No further applications will be accepted.

Targeted Support Fund in action