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Cross cutting research

This section contains report of surveys, research and analysis that cut across several enterprise policy issues.

Older reports can be found at the National Archives website.

Annual Small Business Surveys

The Annual Small Business Survey is a telephone survey of several thousand small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, carried out on a regular basis since 2003. The main purpose of the survey is to gauge the needs and concerns of small businesses and identify the barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their potential. The forerunner of the Annual Small Business Survey was the Small Business Service Omnibus survey that also sought the opinions of small businesses and only covered businesses in England. The Omnibus findings are also included on this page.


For the latest BIS estimates of the number of women-led enterprises, minority ethnic group-led enterprises and social enterprises and their importance in the UK economy, produced using evidence from the last three BIS Small Business Surveys, please see summary note below.



SME Business Barometer

The SME Business Barometer re-surveys 500 UK small and medium sized employers from the Annual Small Business Survey to get regular feedback about the issues they face.






Household Survey of Entrepreneurship

The Enterprise Directorate Household Survey is a biennial telephone survey conducted amongst a general household population (adults aged 16-64) in England. The survey was carried out in 2001, 2003 and 2005, and in 2005 had a sample size of 15000. The survey helps government measure progress towards its targets on building a more enterprising culture and aims to determine the proportion of the population involved in entrepreneurial activity or considering it. It also provides data on attitudes, motivations and barriers to entrepreneurship.



BERR Business Support Cross Product Monitoring Survey

This report series details the findings of various waves of the DTI (now BIS) Business Support Cross Product Monitoring Survey. The surveys evaluate various DTI (now BISD) Business Support Products over the last four years.

Evidence Base

SME Statistics

The BIS Enterprise Directorate Statistics Team provides performance information which enables the SBS to judge progress and manage resources. They produce statistics on the business population, business start-ups and closures and survival rates.

Statistics from the Enterprise Directorate Analytical Unit 

Minister responsible

Mark Prisk is the minister responsible for this policy area.

BIS Outreach programme

A new initiative from BIS whereby civil servants will undertake short placements in your organisation.

The programme aims to strengthen relationships and build credibility with our stakeholders.

Learn more about the BIS Outreach programme


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