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International ICT Policy

Welcome to BIS's International ICT (Information and Communication Technology) website

The communications and media industries have a huge impact on individuals, business, consumers and citizens. The UK needs this sector to be innovative, energetic and competitive, ready to respond to the challenges presented by our ever changing communications environment, and as a key factor contributing to the success of our companies in an increasingly globalised economy.

The Government is aiding this process by working in cooperation with multilateral organisations, such as the European Union, the ITU, IMSO, the OECD and others to help develop and deliver appropriate policy that will assure effective and streamlined regulatory environments within Europe and more globally, that will allow businesses to operate effectively delivering full benefits to consumers.

The Europe and International (EI) unit is one of several industry-support teams in the Business Relations section of BIS's Business Group. EI is responsible for promoting better regulation principles in pursuit of proportionate market focused International and European regulatory environments for electronic communications services and content sectors, ensuring that European industry policy initiatives advance UK economic and commercial objectives. These are major drivers of UK growth and jobs, and contributing to Europe’s Lisbon Strategy for economic reform.

The team has two main sections:

1) European ICT (Information Communication Technology) Policy Team

  • We provide international expertise, maintain international relationships and lead as the UK spokesperson negotiating all major EU ICT legislation.
  • We provide international expertise and an understanding of other Member States positions, to enable HMG to develop its policy positions.
  • And look to shape the future work of the European Commission and European Parliament targeting the areas and issues which are considered as priorities for HMG.

2) Global ICT Policy Team

  • We promote a private- sector lead in the management of key Internet infrastructure to ensure continued investment and innovation.
  • We maintain close links with Japan, Korea, China, India, USA and Canada to improve regulatory conditions for UK business there and promote joint work on global regulation and standards.
  • We promote reform of the International Telecommunications Union and defend oversight of the privatised international satellite organisations.



BIS Contacts:


International Satellite Treaty Organisations

Douglas Bush
Tel: +44 (0)20 7215 1802
Email: douglas.bush@bis.gsi.gov.uk


European ICT Policy - Safer Internet

Jeff Alford
Tel: +44 (0)20 7215 1729
Email: jeff.alford@bis.gsi.gov.uk


Global ICT Policy

Khadija Bundu
Tel: +44 (0)20 7215 8795
Email: khadija.bundu@bis.gsi.gov.uk