Windspeed Database

Select the grid reference for which you require data.

Help on working out grid references:

You will need to edit the eight character LR value that's returned E.g. BERR headquarters post code is SW1H 0ET. Typing this into the conversion tool returns: LR - TQ298794

This value is made up of three values - two letters, and then two sets of three numbers - TQ 298 794  for the above example.

The database uses a six digit grid reference, so you need to drop the third digit from each of the two numbers: this would make the above example TQ2979

Select a region below and type in the six character grid reference as described above (with no spaces) and then hit the Find Wind Data button. This should return the wind speeds for the location you specified.

Windspeed Search

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Please enter the reference in grid square letter, number format - eg NT1234 for Great Britain or A1234 for Northern Ireland.