About Futurefocus

Futurefocus is a purpose built resource in 1 Victoria Street, London, open to everyone in the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR), the Department for Universities, Innovation & Skills (DIUS), the Department for Children, Schools & Families (DCSF), and across government and business.

The facility supports teams working to achieve the Departments' objectives and create the conditions for business success; supports continuous improvement; joins teams in the Departments with stakeholders in business and across government; improves strategic and resource planning; enables teams to work better together; delivers efficiency and financial savings; and reduces risk and leads change.

Futurefocus is a unique, totally neutral and confidential facilitation and mentoring process which extends individual and group thinking about how the future may be changing, generates creative ideas and collective agreement about what actions should be planned and implemented. Futurefocus comprises a team of professional business consultants and facilitators supported by creative spaces - Immersive Theatre, Creativity Lab, Interactive Society - and three Breakout Rooms plus the use of visual imagery and Group Systems technology.

Use of Futurefocus is free to everyone in BERR, DIUS and DCSF, though events requiring additional resources may be charged. Other organisations can use the facility but will be charged - please contact us to discuss.

"Provided a safe environment for people to express views, promoted the involvement of everyone - you could not sit on the sidelines, was away from the distractions of the office"
"Creation of atmosphere in which we could brainstorm but in brisk and businesslike way."
"Getting people out of their normal environment into an 'interesting' space that got them thinking more widely."
"Good preparation led by facilitator and the ability of people to "speak" anonymously in the computer lab - very powerful way of flushing out problems and giving people real reassurance."