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Independent Advisor

The Secretary of State appointed an Independent Advisor, Lord Burns, on 18 September 2003, to help provide her with advice on a number of different issues throughout the Charter review process.

She also appointed an Independent Panel on 15 June 2004, to work alongside Lord Burns. The panel members were Sly Bailey, Alan Budd, Howard Davies, Janet Finch, Tim Gardam and Alice Rawsthorn. The panel submitted their final advice to the Secretary of State on 28 January 2005 and this was used to help formulate the options in the Green Paper. The themes the panel considered all arose from and were defined by the public consultation.


The Independent Panel has published two papers: the first "Emerging Themes" was published on 1 December 2004 and formed the paper for the final seminar in the series. It summarises the major themes of the debate to that point.

The second was the panel's final advice to the Secretary of State and was published on 28 January 2005. It reflected the outcome of the debates which took place during the series of informed seminars, chaired by Lord Burns.


Lord Burns and his panel held a series of seminars to debate a number of key issues for Charter review, which have been identified through the public consultation and research. The seminars ran through from July to December 2004. Lord Burns chaired an extra seminar in May 2006 which looked at the future level of the licence fee.





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