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Green Paper - Second Phase Consultation

The Green Paper consultation officially closed on 31 May 2005.

The Green Paper ‘A strong BBC, independent of government’ was published on 2 March 2005 and marked the launch of a public consultation on the proposals it contains. This consultation closed on 31 May 2005 and we have received around 4,500 responses which are available to read online.

Some of the key proposals in the Green Paper were:

  • The abolition of the current board of Governors to be replaced by:
    A new, transparent and accountable BBC Trust to oversee the corporation – with ultimate responsibility for the licence fee and for making sure the BBC fulfils its public service obligations.

  • The BBC to continue to be established by a Royal Charter – the next one should last for 10 years.

  • Continuation of the licence fee – at a level to be set in the future.
    A review of whether there is a case for other methods of funding the BBC – particularly subscription – before the end of the next Charter period.

How your views count

All the responses we have received has help us form more detailed options for the future of the BBC which has now been published in the White Paper "A public service for all: the BBC in the digital age".




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