Statistics covering the taxes administered by HM Revenue & Customs

National and Official Statistics

Introduction to National and Official StatisticsHM Revenue & Customs National Statistics and official statistics publications produced in line with the Code of Practice for official statistics

Tax receipts and taxpayersTaxes, including tax receipts and credits and numbers of taxpayers

Personal taxes Income Tax, personal pensions, tax-free savings and investments, Child Trust Funds, charitable donations, tax reliefs, capital gains and Inheritance Tax

Business taxes Corporation Tax, oil and gas, research and development and trade statistics

VAT, excise duties and other minor industry-specific duties and levies (also known as Indirect Taxes)Statistics on taxes and duty collected for ten main areas, and where relevant the quantities on which those taxes and duty are charged

Benefits and creditsTax credits and Child Benefit

Cross-cuttingBanking sector, property and stamp duties, trusts, tax gaps, survey compliance

Rates and allowancesDetails of rates and allowances relating to our main taxes and duties