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Arson reduction

Deliberate firesetting continues to impose significant costs on the economy of England and Wales. But where commercial fire losses due to arson are concerned the loss is not simply financial. Deliberate fires can result in deaths and injuries to staff and fire-fighters. They can also result in significant losses for industrial and commercial buildings in terms of lost production, market share and customer goodwill. Even a relatively minor fire at crucial stages of production can mean very large losses for individual firms; business interruption or even closure of the company; lost jobs; and the loss of facilities or amenities for the wider community. 

Communities and Local Government has provided Fire and Rescue Authorities with £11.3m funding over two years (2006-08) through its Fire Prevention Grant programme. This funding was provided to support arson reduction activity and other related fire prevention work. This funding was designed to support the achievement of the national Public Service Agreement targets on accidental fire deaths in the home and on arson reduction, with a particular focus on reducing inequality in the impact of fire and meeting the floor target (no Fire and Rescue Authority to have accidental fire deaths more than 1.25 times the average by 2010). 

Tackling arson is not just a priority for the Fire and Rescue Service, but across agencies such as the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Forensic Science Service and others. For this reason the Arson Control Forum was established in 2001 and provides a cross agency approach to reducing arson. Information on the work of the Forum can be found from the links below.

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