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  • I'm in love with the forest. I want to protect it.

    Muktar was an illegal logger in the Ulu Masen forest, in Indonesia's Aceh province, for over 10 years before retraining as a ranger. Audio s...
  • Improving rural access in Nepal

    While millions of people are struggling with mountains of debt, a novel DFID-funded initiative in Nepal has shown that even the most impover...
  • Dancing in the Loo

    Dancing in the Loo by Delphine Mandin.\r\rThis short animated film is the winner of a competition jointly promoted by PooP Creative and the ...
  • Braids not AIDS: hairdressers tackle HIV in Zimbabwe

    Tackling HIV and AIDS in the developing world is an immense challenge which means going beyond treating the disease to focusing on preventio...
  • Latin America climate change event at DFID in London

    Climate policy advisers from CAFOD, ActionAid, Oxfam and Progressio joined Latin American diplomats in stating that climate change funding m...
  • Improving access to clean water in Uganda

    Audio slideshow illustrating how a DFID-supported, European Union-led water and sanitation project in Uganda has transformed peoples lives. ...
  • New prison opens in Helmand Afghanistan

    A new £1.3 million prison has opened in the Helmand capital Lashkar Gah giving better security for local people and providing humane conditi...
  • Malawi: inspirational women and improving healthcare

    DFID's Permanent Secretary, Nemat 'Minouche' Shafik, reports from Malawi on the realities of life for women there and on how the UK and DFID...
  • Improving healthcare in Ethiopia

    Report on how DFID is supporting the Ethiopian government's Health Extension Programme, which is training ordinary women to bring frontline ...
  • Kathmandu to Copenhagen: climate change in Nepal

    Video from DFID Nepal, illustrating some of the challenges that climate change is presenting to the country, and explaining why it is so imp...
  • From Kathmandu to Copenhagen

    Audio-visual photo slideshow report from Nepal, explaining the challenges that climate change is presenting to the Nepali people, and why ge...
  • Delhi Bus Schools

    In India the government has passed a bill promising free education to all children between 6 - 14. Many barriers must be overcome to make th...
  • Global School Partnerships: linking children around the world

    DFID's Global School Partnerships scheme promotes partnerships between schools in the UK and schools in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Lati...
  • Sri Lanka: how DFID support is helping save lives

    Over 280,000 people have been displaced following the recent conflict in Sri Lanka. The majority of these people are now living in large cam...
  • Coca-Cola in the developing world

    A look at how Coca-Cola's "manual distribution centres" offer a commercial opportunity for local entrepreneurs across the developing world, ...

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