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  • NS&I - Planning for different life stages

    As you go through life your financial needs will change. Bringing up a family, planning for retirement and funding care in later life all p...
  • NS&I - How do I get started with planning my finances?

    Not sure how to get started with planning your finances? Sue Whitbread from the Institute of Financial Planning shares some tips on how you...
  • NS&I - Why do I need to plan my finances?

    Sue Whitbread from the Institute of Financial Planning talks about why it is important to plan your finances and some of the benefits this c...
  • NS&I - Inspiration for how to spend your Premium Bonds prize

    If you've won a prize on Premium Bonds, you might be looking for some inspiration for how to spend it. We went out and spoke to members of t...
  • NS&I - Introducing the original ERNIE

    Pioneering technology of the time, ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) was designed to generate a large volume of random nu...
  • NS&I - Meet a Premium Bonds prize winner

    Most of the winners of our big Premium Bonds prizes like to keep their identity a secret. But this wasn't always the case. Back in the late ...
  • NS&I - Direct to you

    From our award winning UK call centre to our secure website,, find out more about some of the different ways that you...
  • NS&I - What is it like to make someone a millionaire?

    Agent Million talks about what it is like delivering the news to the monthly jackpot winner that they have won the £1 million prize. Agent ...
  • NS&I - 1980s Twist or stick ad

    We've dipped into our advertising archives to bring you this advertisement from the late 1980s. FIRST Option Bonds are no longer on sale, bu...
  • NS&I - Our story

    Join us on a journey from 1861 to today, and see how we've been looking after the nation's savings for over 150 years. Find out more about w...
  • NS&I - A bit of a flutter

    1950s National Savings archive TV advertisement promoting the then £1,000 Premium Bond jackpot. Find out more about Premium Bonds today and ...
  • NS&I - Sue and Sid

    1960s National Savings archive TV advertisement promoting the then recently introduced £5,000 Premium Bond jackpot. Find out more about Prem...
  • NS&I - What happens when you win £1 million?

    Every month one lucky person wins the £1 million jackpot prize with NS&I Premium Bonds. Agent Million, the mystery person who delivers the ...
  • NS&I - Introducing Agent Million

    This is the first in our unique series of Agent Million videos. Agent Million is the mystery person who delivers the Premium Bonds £1 milli...
  • NS&I - How will I know if I've won a Premium Bond prize?

    Every month we give away over 1.8 million prizes*, instead of paying interest, to customers who have invested in Premium Bonds. Agent Millio...

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