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  • Reservist Major Dowlen on working in Sierra Leone and for Ernst & Young

    Royal Navy reservist Major Dowlen talks about the work he's doing to help end ebola in Sierra Leone. He also speaks about the support from h...
  • Career as an MOD Civilian Engineering Apprentice

    Do you have what it takes to be a Civilian Engineer in the MOD? This video provides an overview of the MOD’s Civilian Engineering Management...
  • Exercise Joint Caterer 2014

    Exercise Joint Caterer is the annual tri-service culinary skills competition held at the Defence Academy Shrivenham. The competition is desi...
  • Army engineers building Bloodhound Supersonic car

    Bloodhound Supersonic car aims to be the fastest car in the world by reaching speeds of 1000 miles per hour. It will be so fast that by the ...
  • Operation Nightingale – Tally Ho!

    Operation Nightingale is a project which developed from a conversation between Richard Osgood, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) Sen...
  • MOD Apprentice Out of Bounds Course

    As part of the MOD apprenticeship scheme first year apprentices take part in a week long outward bounds course which helps to develop their ...
  • Introduction to Dartmoor Training Area

    The MOD owns and leases large parts of Dartmoor in Devon for military training. Dartmoor Training Area is used by military units and cadets ...
  • RAF Tornado strike against an ISIL vehicle

    Tornado GR4s conducted an armed reconnaissance patrol over western and northern Iraq this weekend. In the western desert, they were tasked t...
  • Introduction to NTEP

    The National Training Estate Prime, or ‘NTEP’, is a contract between DIO and Landmarc Support Services Ltd for the management of the defence...
  • A Worthy Project

    Work has begun on a £250 million redevelopment to deliver world class training facilities for key support personnel from each of the UK’s ar...
  • RAF strike on ISIL vehicle

    Two Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s, while on an armed reconnaissance mission, were tasked to investigate ISIL activity at Al Qaim, north-west ...
  • The Last Post in Camp Bastion

    A bugler plays the Last Post in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, in 2009. The clip also includes a selection of footage over the years taken at C...
  • Medical care in Afghanistan

    The continued efforts of the UK Medical Group in Afghanistan led to Camp Bastion's Role 3 Hospital and the Mobile Emergency Response Team (M...
  • View of Camp Bastion 2014

    The panoramic view from the 'Bird Tower' shows vast areas of where Camp Bastion once stood in August 2014.The majority of Camp Bastion was p...
  • Sanctuary Awards 2014

    Sustainability is very important to DIO and the wider MOD. The Sanctuary Awards celebrate sustainability projects across the MOD estate. Wat...

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