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  • Armed Forces Day 2015

    Armed Forces Day 2015 National Event took place in Guildford. Here are some highlights and opinions from the crowds!...
  • How to #SaluteOurForces like the RAF

    L.Cpl Rayner of the Royal Air Force Regiment Queen's Colour Squadron demonstrates how to salute in the style of the RAF. We're asking people...
  • Mighty engine brings HMS Queen Elizabeth to life

    Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Philip Dunne, officially started the first of the ship’s four diesel generators at the home of th...
  • How to #SaluteOurForces like the Army

    London District Garrison Sergeant Major Stokes - how to do an Army salute.We're asking people to send an image of a salute to show respect t...
  • The life of an RAF reservist

    RAF reservist Hannah Proffitt explains what life is like being in the Reserve Forces....
  • How to #SaluteOurForces like the Navy

    A Royal Navy rating from the naval base in Devonport, Plymouth, demonstrates how to salute in the style of the Royal Navy. We're asking peop...
  • Armed Forces Day flag raised in Guildford

    The Armed Forces Day flag took a trip by land, sea and air today to be raised above Guildford's Guildhall. Arriving in a Chinook Helicopter,...
  • On patrol with an MDP Marine unit

    No description found for this video.
  • How much do you know about Reservists?

    Overseas travel, weapons training, meeting new people - it's all part of being a Reservist. Watch the video to find out more....
  • Carol Vorderman salutes with RAF Air Cadets for #SaluteOurForces

    Carol Vorderman has given a salute in thanks to the men and women of the Armed Forces as part of the Armed Forces Day #SaluteOurForces campa...
  • Armed Forces Day - Tornado tailfin timelapse

    Royal Air Force Marham has decked a Tornado GR4 in Armed Forces Day colours to #SaluteOurForces - check out this timelapse of its transforma...
  • RAF strike on ISIL vehicle in Iraq May 27

    On Wednesday 27 May, Tornado GR4s from RAF Akrotiri flew in support of Kurdish peshmerga attacks on terrorists in northern Iraq. An armed pi...
  • How the F35B Lightning II works

    Royal Navy engineer, Ian Tidball takes you on a tour of F35B Lightning II. Discover how its capabilities will place the UK at the forefront ...
  • RAF Strike on ISIL 21 May

    RAF Tornados attack an ISIL weapons store in a tunnel and in the course of this strike, a camouflaged position nearby was spotted by the air...
  • RAF Strike on ISIL 19 May

    A Reaper identified a series of fortified positions; it successfully attacked one bunker with a Hellfire missile, then helped direct three a...

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