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  • Teenagers in love

    Teenagers describe their experience of being in love and their often confusing feelings.Video courtesy of Making sense of health...
  • Teens and unsafe sex

    Experts describe what can happen if a girl has unprotected sex, and explain contraception options, emergency contraception and how a pregnan...
  • Teenagers and contraception

    Teenagers talk about contraception and an expert explains the contraception options available and shows how to use a condom.\r\rVideo courte...
  • Katak dancing

    Physical activity is important for all of us. Katak dancing is a popular form of exercise in the South-East Asian community....
  • Asthma

    Around one in ten children in the UK have got asthma, a condition that affects the airways. Learn what triggers asthma, treatment options av...
  • Teen bodies

    Find out about the changes that happen to boys' and girls' bodies during puberty. Video courtesy of Making sense of health...
  • Substance abuse

    Nicolette's 14-year-old son Steven died from solvent abuse. Listen to her story and find out how to help prevent solvent abuse at home...
  • End of life care

    An expert explains what end of life care provides, and a family shares their experience of end of life care for their wife and mother...
  • Active play

    How playing can help all aspects of a child's development and improve their health.Read the physical activity guidelines for children (under...
  • Measure your child

    See the best way to measure your children's height and weight, as recommended by the National Child Measurement Program....
  • Post-operative knee care

    An expert explains how to get your knee back to its best following surgery....
  • Post-operative hip care

    An expert explains how a physiotherapist will help to get your hip moving again after surgery...
  • Down's syndrome: Victoria's story

    Richard Davis's daughter, Victoria, was born with Down's syndrome. He talks about the effect the chromosome disorder has had on Victoria as ...
  • Female bulimia: real story

    Liselle, 38, was bulimic for around 11 years. She talk about how she beat the disease and the health issues she still faces today....
  • Down's syndrome: Emily's story

    Emily, now 18, was born with Down's syndrom. Her mum, Sarah, talks about the health issues they faced and Emily's life today....

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