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  • First aid: wipes and dressings

    How to use alcohol-free dressings on minor wounds and how to apply plasters...
  • First aid: triangular bandage

    The triangular bandage is used for arm injuries. A guide to how to apply it...
  • First aid: applying eyepads

    When to use an eye pad, how to apply it, and when to seek professional help instead...
  • First aid: crepe bandages

    An expert explains what to use a crepe bandage for and shows how to apply it...
  • Crohn's disease: Joseph's story

    Crohn's disease is an inflammatory disease of the gut. Joseph Barr describes his experience of the condition, including the tests, symptoms ...
  • Sight tests for children

    When children need eye tests, what the test involves and why it's important...
  • Panic attacks real story

    Colin Hammond describes how panic attacks affected his life and became a series of phobias and anxieties, and how therapy helped his recover...
  • Alopecia

    Alopecia affects hair growth and can lead to permanent hair loss. A dermatologist explains the causes, progression and treatment options...
  • Hay fever advice

    Hay fever is an allergy to pollen that affects around one in four people. An expert explains how it's diagnosed, symptoms and treatment\rfor...
  • Cardiac risk assessment

    A nurse describes how a cardiovascular risk assessment can detect whether you're at risk of heart disease...
  • HIV

    An expert explains how HIV is passed on, who is at risk of getting it, and how it affects the immune system. Learn more about HIV and Aids h...
  • Child asthma: inhaler techniques

    The symptoms of childhood asthma, how it can be treated, and which inhaler is right for children...
  • Teen relationships

    Teenagers talk about the changes in relationships with families and friends as they grow up. Video in courtesy of Making sense of health...
  • Teens, STIs and pregnancy

    Teenagers say what they think about contraception and pregnancy, and experts describe how becoming pregnant or catching an STI can affect yo...
  • Teen pregnancy

    Experts explain the choices teenage girls have if they get pregnant. Video in courtesy of Making sense of health...

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