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  • The team that makes a difference

    Tina Walker has Parkinson's disease. She talks about the people who made a differecne and continue to help her take charge of the condition.
  • A&E and knife crime

    Dr Tunji Lasoye is head of the emergency department at King's College Hospital, London. He also visits schools to talk about the effects of knife crime
  • Coming out

    Teenagers describe how they came to terms with being gay and how they each found their unique way to tell their family and friends.
  • Coping with exams

    Teenagers describe how they prepared themselves for their GCSCs, overcame stress and built the confidence to sit their exams.
  • A smoker's tale

    Megan is 16 and a smoker. A make-up artist transforms her appearance to demonstrate the effects that smoking will have on her body. Will the results make Megan rethink her habit?
  • Sickle cell support

    Psychologist Dr Nicky Thomas talks about her innovative work supporting people living with sickle cell disease, and the contribution young black people can make.
  • Dealing with conflict and arguments

    How to control your anger http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/Pages/controlling-anger.aspxDealing with conflicts can be learned easily. Get advice and tips from teenagers, and find ...
  • Sickle-cell anaemia

    Pamela, 18, was born with sickle-cell anaemia, a genetic blood disorder. She describes how to cope with the disease on a daily basis, and explains why it is important to raise awareness of the conditi...
  • Bullying

    Many people experience bullying at some point during their lives. Its important to remember that you' re not alone and there is help available. Call ChildLine 0800 1111 Find out how to cope with cybe...
  • The Expert Patient Programme

    Living with a long-term condition can be difficult. A GP explains how the programme helps people manage their condition, and patients describe how they gained confidence in their own abilities.
  • Coping with a long-term condition: the care plan

    Your NHS guide to long-term conditions and self care http://www.nhs.uk/Planners/Yourhealth/Pages/Yourhealth.aspx Community matron Cath Gilpin explains how a care plan helps patients take control of t...
  • Healthy back at work

    Trevor Shaw, Principal Ergonomist, explains how bad posture contributes to health problems including back pain. He describes how to improve your workplace health. Try the NHS Choices back pain guide h...
  • 41 years in the NHS

    Icilda Rodney came to England in 1961 when she was 18 and has worked as a housekeeper for the NHS for 41 years. She tells us why Black History Month is important to her.
  • Black minority ethnic nurse

    Nola Ishmael was awarded the OBE for services to nursing and the Department of Health in 2000. Today, she works as a healthcare consultant, mentoring black minority ethnic nurses to become confident a...
  • Blood donor

    Rudolph Isaacs has donated 41 pints of blood in 17 years. He explains why giving blood is important and how it is an easy way to help others.

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