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  • Blood donation: Rudolph's story

    Rudolph Isaacs has donated 41 pints of blood in 17 years. He explains why giving blood is important and how it is an easy way to help others...
  • Street dancing

    The Zoonation UK Dance Company demonstrates some fun and easy dance moves to get you up and active and burn some calories....
  • Anger management

    Has anger become a problem for you? Find out the health and social implications of becoming addicted to anger, and how to recognise signs an...
  • Belly dancing

    A great all-round exercise, belly dancing can also make you feel happy about your body. Learn some basic dance moves with a Turkish belly da...
  • Sex over 60

    Sex doesnt stop when youre 60. Listen to a sexual psychotherapist talk about sexual relationships once youre in your 60s, how the body chang...
  • Playground for the over-60s

    Listen to a group of over-60s talk about how using a playground designed especially for them has helped them keep active, social, confident ...
  • Eye tests for adults

    An optometrist explains the importance of eye tests and how to detect symptoms that could lead to problems with your eyesight....
  • Caring for carers

    If you care for a relative or loved one it's important to take care of yourself, and to have support. Anne Roberts of the charity Crossroads...
  • Diabetic and eyesight

    A consultant ophthalmologist describes how diabetes can affect your vision and the possible treatments....
  • Hepatitis C

    Professor Howard Thomas of Imperial College London explains what Hepatitis C is, how you can become infected and why it's important to detec...
  • Gout

    Gout is a recurrent and painful form of arthritis. Find out how it affects the body, the treatments available and why the condition is a war...
  • Heart attack

    A consultant cardiologist explains what a heart attack is, the symptoms, surgical treatments and why it's important for coronary heart disea...
  • Walking groups

    Walking is the perfect form of exercise and prevents lots of illnesses such as heart disease. For these ramblers, it's a relaxing antidote t...
  • HIV: Clint's story

    Clint was diagnosed with HIV when he was 17. The infection progressed to AIDS within six months, which is unusually rapid. In this video, fi...
  • Asperger syndrome: Robyn's story

    Living with autism http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Autism/Pages/Autismhome.aspxRobyn Steward was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a form of auti...

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