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  • Hip-hop dancing for kids'

    Hip-hop dancing gets kids active and it's fun. Learn some basic steps....
  • Cycling tips

    A physical activity adviser explains how cycling is good for your health, and cyclists give tips for staying safe on the road.Learn more abo...
  • Coping with the menopause

    Two women describe their experience of the menopause and a GP explains how it can affect womens bodies, common symptoms and treatments. Also...
  • Living with a disability

    Tim, Celia, Kate and Peter share their stories and describe how they found their own way to cope with their disability....
  • Alcohol risks for over 60s

    An expert explains alcohol's effects on the body and the risks of high alcohol consumption for older people....
  • Hidden carers

    Mohammed is 18 and looks after his ill mother and younger siblings. He talks about the support and help available, including benefit adviser...
  • Bollywood dancing for kids'

    See a Bollywood dancing class for children and learn some basic steps. The lessons are sociable and a fun way to get kids active....
  • Alzheimer's real story

    Stan Lintern has had Alzheimers disease for 10 years. He is cared for by his wife Denise, who helped set up the Maidstone branch of the Alzh...
  • Cherubism: real story

    Victoria Wright talks about her life with cherubism, a facial disfigurement, and how she handles people's reactions....
  • Firework safety

    See how to handle fireworks safely so that you and your family can enjoy bonfire night without any injuries. Find out more about firework sa...
  • Friendship

    Friendships are important in any teenager's life. They're a great source of support, and help develop social skills. Here, teenagers discuss...
  • Where to get contraception

    Watch this video to find out where you can go for confidential access to the contraception that's right for you...
  • Types of contraception

    Dr Tina Peers, consultant in contraception and sexual health, explains how teenage girls can find the right type of contraception....
  • Saying no to drugs

    Would you say no to drugs? Find out what choices teenagers Taz and Mike made, and how their lives were affected....
  • The team that makes a difference

    Tina Walker has Parkinson's disease. She talks about the people who made a differecne and continue to help her take charge of the condition....

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