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  • Hearing loss: Millies story

    Millie's hearing started deteriorating when she was a child. She talks about learning to cope with the hearing loss and shows that it hasn't...
  • Hearing loss: Paul's story

    Paul was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss at the age of 33. Despite this, he continues to be successful in his job and was awarded Co...
  • Deafness: Susan's story

    Susan is a community mental health nurse helping deaf people with mental illnesses. She talks about how attitudes to deafness have changed a...
  • Scottish country dancing

    Scottish country dancing is an easy way to keep active and socialise at the same time. You can try it for yourself by learning a few easy st...
  • Acne

    A nurse describes how acne develops, who is most affected by it and how it's treated....
  • Schizophrenia

    A psychiatrist explains how schizophrenia, a mental illness, affects thinking, feeling and behaviour. He describes early warning signs, trig...
  • Winter health for older people

    Winter weather can affect older people's health and wellbeing. See how to keep fit and healthy during the coldest months of the year. http:/...
  • Blood transfusion

    A haematologist describes the process of giving blood and the reasons why people may need a blood transfusion. She also explains how the blo...
  • Hepatitis C: Lynn's story

    Lynn, 53, had hepatitis C for 25 years. She describes how she got it, how it affected her body and mind, and the treatment....
  • Disfigurements

    People often aren't sure how to behave when they see someone with a disfigurement. Leo Gormley, who was burned in a fire, and the family of ...
  • Young carers

    Two young carers talk about the reality of going to school and caring for their parents, and the support they've had from the Young Carers p...
  • Transgender: Ruth's story

    Ruth, 22, was born in a male body but knew from the age of 16 that she wanted to be a woman. She describes her hormone treatment and surgery...
  • Caesarean

    Advice on the importance of discussion before choosing a caesarian, the recovery period, and turning the birth into a positive experience. A...
  • IVF

    Lulu and James Martin talk about their decision to choose IVF treatment, after years of trying for a baby, and the physical and emotional ch...
  • Balding

    Male pattern baldness affects 50% of men over 50. Men describe how they went bald, the stigma attached to it and how attitudes have changed....

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