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  • PCOS: Christina's story

    Christina has had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), multiple cysts in the ovaries, since she was 16. She describes her experience of PCOS,...
  • Carers support groups

    Gaynor and Lillian are long-term carers. They describe how their local carers forum supported them and enabled them to care for others and f...
  • Healthy feet in old age

    As you get older you might not be able to look after your feet as well you used to. A podiatric surgeon describes the problems that bad foot...
  • NHS walk-in centres

    Find out what services NHS walk-in centres provide...
  • Thrush

    A GP explains how thrush, a yeast infection, can develop, who is most at risk of it and how it can be treated...
  • COPD

    COPD (bronchitis and emphysema) affects an estimated three million people in the UK, and smoking is a major cause. There is a lot that can b...
  • Asthma

    Professor Peter Barnes from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College, London, explains what he would want to know if he was...
  • COPD real story

    Lynn Ashton, 46, inhaled toxic fumes when a candle set fire to her plastic tablecloth. She was already asthmatic, and a few months later was...
  • Arthritis: real story

    Paul Casimir has been living with arthritis for half his life, but doesnt let it stop him doing the things he enjoys. He tells his story...
  • Arthroscopy

    Knee problems are common at any age and an arthroscopy can be a safe and effective procedure for diagnosing and treating them. Orthopaedic s...
  • Bunions

    If you have bunions, there are more than 120 different operations to choose from so it's vital to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon. ...
  • Suicide: Jude's story

    Jude tried to kill himself by jumping off a cliff. He talks about why he did it and how he found the help and the will to continue to live...
  • Kidney transplant: Tony's story

    Tony talks about his recovery from a kidney transplant and his goal of climbing Mount Everest. Read Tony's Everest blog at http://talk.nhs.u...
  • Personality change: Heather's story

    Heather had a brain haemorrhage in 2005, which led to a personality change. Heather and her husband Andrew describe how they cope with the c...
  • Swine flu

    Watch this video to find out how swine flu is spread and where to get advice about it. For more information go to www.nhs.uk...

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