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  • Immunisation advances

    Elizabeth Farrelly, OBE, the first female governor of an NHS hospital, describes how immunisation in the NHS has advanced since her childhoo...
  • Tuberculosis (TB)

    A specialist explains how TB, an infection of the lungs, is transmitted, what the symptoms are, who is most at risk, and how it can be treat...
  • Bowel cancer: Anne's story

    Anne describes being diagnosed with bowel cancer, what treatment choices she had, and what it's like to live with bowel cancer...
  • Studying while being a carer

    Finding a training course http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/workandlearning/learning/Pages/Findinglearning.aspxBarbara and her husband both gav...
  • Double lung transplant: Jon's story

    Jon was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby and put on a lung transplant list aged 11. He talks about life before, during and after his...
  • Travel health

    A simple guide to health precautions when travelling abroad, including vaccinations, taking condoms and a first aid kit, and being careful a...
  • Accidents: taking risks

    Find out how taking risks as a "boy racer" changed a life forever...
  • Cartoon competition: It's In You by Wolfgang Matzl

    In this whimsical cartoon, Wolfgang Matzl shows that knowledge about how to be healthy is often already in your brain. NHS Choices animation...
  • Cartoon competition: Bone Dog by Boram Lee

    All the characters in Bone Dog's world represent body parts. In this adventure, he meets skin and learns about sun protection. NHS Choices a...
  • Cartoon competition: Bob and Brenda by Ian Ball

    In the first of Ian Ball's two films, Brenda shows why it's a good idea to "be sensible when you're on the sauce". NHS Choices animation com...
  • The Tokkels: Trouble passing water?

    Find out how this Tokkel overcomes his problem with passing water. \r\rWith The Tokkels, the Brothers McLeod deliver health messages quickly...
  • Cartoon competition: Modern Martin by Naomi Zahl

    For her character Modern Martin, who battles to save his family's health, Naomi Zahl was inspired by iconic film moments. NHS Choices animat...
  • BBQ food safety

    Learn how to avoid food poisoning, handle raw meat and cook meat properly...
  • Beach safety

    A holiday at the seaside is fun for the whole family. An RNLI lifeguard explains what to look out for to stay safe on the beach. For more, s...
  • Club foot

    Vanessa and David's daughter was born with club feet. They describe coping with the diagnosis and choosing her treatment, and an expert comp...

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