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  • Clinical depression: Lawrence's story

    Lawrence has depression. He explains how easy it was to ignore the symptoms, despite being a psychiatric nurse, and the problem this caused ...
  • Early onset dementia

    John and his wife Shirley describe how they've adapted their lives since John showed early signs of dementia. An expert explains the value o...
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

    A respiratory nurse specialist and patients explain pulmonary rehabilitation, and how exercise can improve the symptoms of COPD...
  • Bipolar disorder: Rods story

    Rod was diagnosed with bipolar in 1987. He describes how his symptoms got worse and led to his diagnosis, the treatments offered to him and ...
  • Supporting someone through mental illness

    Phils brother Simon has a mental illness. The brothers explain how mutual support has helped them to cope with the illness...
  • Caring for a parent at home

    By having her mum move in with her, Claire now worries about her less and has help looking after the children. And her mum has her family ar...
  • Bereavement: coping with grief after a stillbirth

    Losing a baby http://www.nhs.uk/planners/pregnancycareplanner/pages/losingababy.aspxA stillborn baby is a baby born after the 24th week of p...
  • Catch it, Bin it, Kill it: Autumn 2009

    Watch how easily flu viruses are passed on and learn the simple measures that will prevent them spreading...
  • Cervical cancer: Tina's story

    Regular smear tests saved Tina's life and her fertlilty. She talks about her experience of cervical cancer and her treatment...
  • Cervical cancer vaccination

    A group of teenage girls and a GP describe how the HPV vaccine can reduce the risk of cervical cancerLearn more about cervical screening tes...
  • Coping with redundancy

    Clayre describes how losing her job affected her mentally and socially. A psychologist gives advice on coping with the shock of redundancy t...
  • Relationships: coping with feelings of jealousy

    Learn how to overcome jealousy http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/emotionalhealth/pages/overcomingjealousy.aspxPeople talk about jealousy and a psyc...
  • Scars: skin camouflage

    Try the skin conditions slideshow http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/skinproblems.aspxAn expert explains how skin camouflage is used to cover mar...
  • Long-distance carers

    Gillian talks about being a long-distance carer for her mum, engaging with social workers and support services, and the importance of being ...
  • Ovarian cysts

    An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac of tissue that develops inside an ovary. Find out about the symptoms it can cause, long-term effects a...

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