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  • Paget's disease

    An expert describes the various areas of the body that can be affected by Paget's disease - a condition in which the normal cycle of bone gr...
  • Depression expert

    An expert explains the difference between simply having a bad day and being depressed. He also describes the levels of depression, early war...
  • Choice in the NHS

    Watch this video to find out about the choices you can make about your healthcare....
  • Bone marrow transplant: Sarah's story

    Sarah had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. She talks about her feelings when she was told Michelle was a match. Watch also Mich...
  • Supporting your child's play

    A health visitor explains the many benefits of playing with your child and parents talk about their children's favourite games....
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)

    Angela describes how she dealt with her two-year-old son's leukaemia diagnosis, and an expert explains the common symptoms and treatment opt...
  • Glaucoma: Aruna's story

    Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that affect vision. Aruna talks about her diagnosis and subsequent treatment...
  • Occupational therapy

    An occupational therapist explains what occupational therapy involves, who can benefit and the different types of help that are available....
  • Tips on bedtime routines

    A health visitor talks about bedtime routines and parents share their tips on settling a child to sleep....
  • Female sexual dysfunction

    A psychosexual therapist explains the different types of female sexual dysfunction and the medical and psychological issues that may be invo...
  • Same-sex accomodation in hospitals

    FAQs about hospital accommodation http://www.nhs.uk/choiceintheNHS/Rightsandpledges/samesexaccommodation/Pages/HospitalaccommodationFAQ.aspx...
  • What to do when babies cry

    A baby's crying is a common cause of anxiety for new parents. A health visitor explains the reaosns why children cry and parents give their ...
  • Bone marrow donor: Michelle's story

    Michelle talks about her experience as a bone marrow donor for Sarah. You can also Watch Sarah's story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68AuZA...
  • Slapped cheek syndrome

    Slapped cheek syndrome is a viral infection and the fifth most common disease in children. Here, a GP talks about the symptoms to look out f...
  • Childhood dyspraxia: James' story

    James was diagnosed in 2005 with dyspraxia, a disability that can affect movement and coordination. His mother describes James' symptoms and...

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