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  • Black men and prostate cancer

    Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer to affect men. A consultant urologist describes what the prostate is and how it functions, and...
  • Carers Emergency Scheme

    Gordon Conochie form the Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care explains the Carers Emergency Scheme, which gives piece of mind...
  • Genetic tests

    There are many reasons why people decide to have genetic tests. A geneticist explains what genetic testing involves, the reasons for having ...
  • Alopecia: Gita's story

    Hair loss, or alopecia, affects an estimated 8 million women in the UK. In this video Gita Mendis talks about her experience of alopecia are...
  • Goitre

    In this video, a consultant endocrinologist describes possible causes of a goitre, an abnormal swelling of the thyroid gland that causes a l...
  • Genetic tests: Barbara's story

    Barbara, three of her sisters and her grandmother were diagnosed with cancer. She and other family members decided to have a genetic test. F...
  • Pneumonia: Simon's story

    Simon developed pneumonia (an inflammation of the tissue in one or both of your lungs) in 2010. He describes the symptoms he experienced, th...
  • Bell's palsy

    Bell's palsy is the temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in one side of the face. In this video, a speech therapist explains who i...
  • Tinnitus

    Tinnitus causes people to hear constant sounds in one ear, both ears or in their head. An audiologist explains the possible causes and effec...
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (AS)

    Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that affects parts of the spine. In this video, an expert describes the long-term effects of t...
  • Ectopic pregnancy

    An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg implants itself outside the womb. Records show there are 11,000 ectopic pregnancies in the...
  • Why I breastfeed

    New mums talk about the benefits of breastfeeding for them and their babies and give tips on what to do if you have difficulties breastfeedi...
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

    Carbon monoxide poisoning kills around 50 people a year in the UK. An expert explains how the gas affects the body, the symptoms it causes a...
  • Hip operation: animation

    This detailed animation explains how a hip replacement is done and why it would be needed. Also watch the knee replacement animation http:/...
  • Dealing with child sex abuse

    A child sex abuse consultant from the Marie Collins Foundation explains what to do if you think a child is being harmed, and how to discuss ...

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