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  • Healthy back at work

    Trevor Shaw, principal ergonomist, explains how bad posture contributes to health problems including back pain. He describes how to improve ...
  • Childhood liver transplant episode 5: becoming an adult

    http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Donation/Pages/childhood-liver-transplant.aspxChildren who have had liver transplants require a lifetime of care,...
  • Genes in Space

    Play to Cure: Genes in Space is a free smartphone game that allows players to analyse genetic data with the aim of helping scientists develo...
  • NHS Health Check: Nichola's story

    Nichola reveals why she's glad she had the NHS Health Check and describes how the experience changed her life for the better.Find out more a...
  • NHS Health Check: Mobile Clinics in Medway

    If your age is between 40 and 74, having an NHS Health Check can pick up the symptoms of serious conditions before they become more serious....
  • NHS Health Check: Rashmi's story

    Rashmi explains how having an NHS Health Check alerted him to a serious health condition early enough to manage it through lifestyle changes...
  • Why have an NHS Health Check?

    Dr Dawn Harper explains why going for your NHS Health Check is so important, and Ron describes how having one saved his life.Find out more a...
  • Reading Well Books on Prescription

    For more information go to The Reading Agency http://readingagency.org.uk/readingwellDownload the list of books available: http://readingage...
  • Digital Inclusion: Supporting the Asian community in Leicester

    Cooke e-Learning Centres help people in Leicester's more deprived areas get online. The centre helps older people, people with long term con...
  • Childhood liver transplant episode 4: the scar

    Five liver transplant recipients talk about how their transplant scars have affected their confidence about their body image, and Alexandra ...
  • Health and social care digital service: Egbot's world

    Introducing Egbot! This animation starts to describe what NHS England is doing in digital health and care. Egbot discovers the ability to us...
  • Childhood liver transplant episode 3: family and friends

    For children who have had liver transplants, relationships with family and friends can be affected by time away from school and home, the lo...
  • Childhood liver transplant episode 2: life after transplant

    Lucy and Gemma are among hundreds of adults now alive thanks to the liver transplant they had when they were children. Lucy describes the pr...
  • The running clinic

    Steven is visiting the running clinic to get tips on how he could improve his running technique, increase performance and, more importantly,...
  • Childhood liver transplant: the transplant

    In this first episode of a video series about childhood liver transplant, five adults talk about why they received liver transplants and the...

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