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  • The early days and weeks

    n this video by Best Beginnings, new mums Angela and Teresa talk about the early weeks with their babies and their experiences of breastfeed...
  • Breastfeeding a pre-term baby

    Breast milk is especially important for premature and sick babies. This Best Beginnings video follows four mothers who breastfed their prema...
  • Breastfeeding twins or more

    This Best Beginnings video follows three mothers as they describe the joys and challenges of feeding more than one baby at the time.How to f...
  • How breastfeeding works

    In this Best Beginnings video specialist midwife Bella Dale, explains how breastfeeding works and how women's bodies begin to perpare for it...
  • Birth, skin-to-skin and the first feed

    This Best Beginnings video shows mums breastfeeding for the first time and explains why skin-to-skin contact is so important.Why breastfeed?...
  • Breastfeeding challenges: mums' stories

    Three mums tell how they overcame problems with breastfeeding in this video by Best Beginnings.Breastfeeding help and support http://www.nhs...
  • Breastfeeding challenges

    A Best Beginnings video about overcoming breastfeeding challenges, including uncomfortably full breasts, mastitis and positioning your baby ...
  • Expressing and returning to work

    In this Best Beginnings video, we meet three mothers who express their milk for different reasons and who learnt how to do it in different w...
  • Introducing other foods

    Linda and Heidi have fed their babies breast milk for six months. Now their babies are ready to try their first solids. See how they get on ...
  • Breastfeeding out and about

    In this video from Best Beginnings, four mums whose babies have been breastfeeding for a little while share their experiences of feeding in ...
  • Active Ways to Get to School

    There are numerous ways for children to get to school that are both fun and healthy. This video documents some of the modes of travel that c...
  • Vaccinations: part 1

    Watch part one of the vaccination series to find out why not being vaccinated, due to worry about side effects, means serious illnesses can ...
  • Vaccines and your child's immune system

    Scientific studies have shown that vaccines do not overload a child's immune system. Watch this short animation to find out why. Try the int...
  • Vaccinations: part 2

    Watch the second part of a series about immunisation to find out why it's important to stay up to date with your vaccinations. Find out how ...
  • Using your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Spain

    This video has been jointly produced by the Department of Health and the British Embassy in Madrid to explain how to use the European Health...

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