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  • Tackling the problem of e-waste

    Dr Kirstie McIntyre, WEEE Programme Manager, Hewlett Packard speaking at environment10 on 24th November 2010, during a interactive debate on...
  • Lord Chris Smith on tackling illegal waste exports

    Environment Agency Chairman Lord Chris Smith talking at the annual conference environment10 about the Agency's approach to tackling illegal ...
  • Improving Bathing Water at Amroth Beach

    This is the story of how Environment Agency offices in Wales worked with local farmers to ensure improvements in bathing water quality on Am...
  • One Year On From Flooding in Cumbria

    On 19th November 2009 severe flooding hit Cumbria. Over 1,500 homes flooded, 200 people were evacuated and six bridges collapsed. It was th...
  • Otters back from the brink of extinction

    The faint splash of an otter gently entering a river could have been a sound lost to England forever, but the iconic mammal has fought its w...
  • Cuckmere Estuary, East Sussex

    The Cuckmere Estuary in East Sussex is nestled beside white cliffs on one of the most recognised English coastlines. \r\rThousands of people...
  • My story of flooding: Karen Chesworth, Appleby

    Karen Chesworth lives in 'The Sands' area of Appleby in Cumbria on the River Eden. Every few years the river bursts its bank. Karen has lea...
  • Preparing for flooding: Appleby's story

    The River Eden runs through the Cumbrian town of Appleby. This is the story of how Appleby's residence were prepared for flooding in Novemb...
  • Don't Expect A Miracle

    This play on a biblical story shows the importance of preparing against flooding and the effects of climate change.\r\rThis was one of the w...
  • Human After All

    A polar bear and a penguin demonstrate the importance of water efficiency and the issue of climate change.\r\rThis was one of the winning en...
  • Buncefield explosion - eye witness account

    Environment Officer Rob Argent shares his experience of the Buncefield explosion on 11th December 2005. He was one of the first people on th...
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme

    Andrew Hitchings from the Environment Agency provides an overview of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC). The CRC...
  • Have you got your rod licence yet?

    You must have a rod licence to fish for freshwater fish, eels, salmon or trout in England and Wales or the Border Esk in Scotland. Call 0844...
  • Lifting Southease Bridge

    On 8th June the Environment Agency lifted the 27 tonne Grade II listed bridge in Southease, part of a £1.5 million restoration project pr...
  • How clean is your bathing water?

    This short film tells the story of how the Environment Agency is working to improve bathing water in England and Wales, by using science to ...

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