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  • Welcome to info4local

    info4local is the gateway to local government-related information published on the web sites of UK central government departments and agenci...
  • Local government transparency

    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles calls on local authorities to get their spending data online for the public to scrutinise.Councils have u...
  • Street clutter

    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles calls for unnecessary signs, railings and bollards to be removed in a bid to make streets tidier and safe...
  • Council tax rise veto

    The public will be given the power to veto excessive council tax rises, Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles, announced today.Find out m...
  • Hackney City farm

    Communities Minister Andrew Stunell took a trip out to Hackney City farm to see how the farm and others like it enable young people who live...
  • Community Right to Build

    Grant Shapps returns to Essendon in Hertfordshire the birthplace of his plans to give communities their Right to Build.For more information ...
  • Support for struggling homeowners

    Housing Minister Grant Shapps outlines how the Government will provide much-needed support to homeowners at risk of repossession.\r\rThe ris...
  • Cutting red tape

    In July CLG unveiled a radical plan to banish red tape and repeal unnecessary laws.Mr Pickles and Andrew Stunell made the announcement on a ...
  • Greg Clark - Abolition of CAAs

    Greg Clark explains why the Government is abolishing Comprehensive Area Assessments.For more information see:
  • Abolition of Comprehensive Area Assessments

    Eric Pickles explains why the Government is abolishing Comprehensive Area Assessments.For more information see:
  • Garden grabbing

    Councils and communities are being given new powers to prevent the destructive practice of 'garden grabbing' and decide what types of homes ...
  • Eric Pickles announces HIPs are history

    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Housing Minister Grant Shapps announced today that with immediate effect Home Information Packs (HIPs...
  • Easter greeting from John Denham

    John Denham wishes everyone a Happy Easter....
  • Kickstart

    John Healey announces £83 million to get building over 5,700 new and affordable homes stalled by the recession back on track....
  • Scrutiny Conference - John Denham

    Communities Secretary John Denham calls on third sector groups to focus their campaigns on local councils who are being given new powers to ...

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