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  • Pitch to Investors

    Pitching to Potential Investors - Knowing how to pitch to potential investors can be key to financing the growth of your business, or even securing funding to start a new business. Find out some key s...
  • Attract Investors

    Preparing to Attract Investors - Attracting investors and securing finance to start or grow your business can be tricky. Here's some simple guidance on how you can attract investors for your business.
  • Finance Options - Business Link

    Finance Options for Business. Find out about what finance options are available to your business - whether you're just starting up or planning to grow.A fully accessible version of the video, together...
  • Benefit from CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

    "Here's how my business benefited from Corporate Social Responsibility." CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, can be a great way to motivate staff and engage with your local community. Here, one b...
  • Grow Your Business

    "Here's how I overcame the challenges of growing my business." How can you grow your business? Colin Crooks of Green Works describes how he grew his business through innovation, franchising and puttin...
  • Choosing Premises

    "Here's how I chose the right premises for my business." Getting the right premises, in the right location, is vital for most businesses. See how one business, a daily food delivery service, chose its...
  • Employee Engagement

    Business leaders give their views on why they think employee engagement is vital for organisations at all levels and across all sectors.View a fully accessible version of this video and a full transcr...
  • Employee Voices

    Hear one business describe how it ensures employees at all levels have a voice in the organisation. "We seek participation from everyone and we're keen that everyone understands the part they need to ...
  • Strategic Narrative

    How can developing a strong strategic narrative deliver results for your business? In the words of Jonathan Bowers, Communications Director of UK Fast, "Everyone understanding where we are going and w...
  • Keeping Promises

    Here Hillingdon Council talks about how it has built trust and commitment amongst employees by making sure it as an organisation does what it says it will do, everyday.View an accessible version of th...
  • Build Relationships

    It's important for any business to manage and build strong and productive relationships - internally and externally. Tim Miller, Director of Standard Chartered Bank, says "It is the managers that brin...
  • Developing Products

    "Here's how developing a new product benefited my business" - Diversification can be key to your business' success. Here, Business Link find out how one toy manufacturer develops new products and how ...
  • Taking Out a Loan

    "Here's how my business benefited from taking out a loan" - Loans and grants are possible sources of finance for your business. Here talk to one business about how they financed their...
  • Make Savings: Waste

    "Here's how we benefited from reducing and recycling waste" - Could your business start waste reduction or recycling programmes to keep business waste to a minimum and save money? Steve Cousins talks ...
  • Resource Efficiency

    "Here's how our retail business cut costs by using resources efficiently" - learn how sustainable development managers Ian Barnes and Andrew Jenkins from Boots UK Ltd talk about how they have reduced...

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