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  • Finance Options - Business Link

    Finance Options for Business. Find out about what finance options are available to your business - whether you're just starting up or planni...
  • Pitch to Investors - Business Link

    Pitching to Potential Investors - Knowing how to pitch to potential investors can be key to financing the growth of your business, or even s...
  • Attract Investors - Business Link

    Preparing to Attract Investors - Attracting investors and securing finance to start or grow your business can be tricky. Here's some simple ...
  • Choosing Premises

    "Here's how I chose the right premises for my business." Getting the right premises, in the right location, is vital for most businesses. Se...
  • Benefit from CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

    "Here's how my business benefited from Corporate Social Responsibility." CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, can be a great way to moti...
  • Grow Your Business

    "Here's how I overcame the challenges of growing my business." How can you grow your business? Colin Crooks of Green Works describes how he ...
  • Keeping Promises

    Here Hillingdon Council talks about how it has built trust and commitment amongst employees by making sure it as an organisation does what i...
  • Build Relationships

    It's important for any business to manage and build strong and productive relationships - internally and externally. Tim Miller, Director of...
  • Employee Engagement

    Business leaders give their views on why they think employee engagement is vital for organisations at all levels and across all sectors.View...
  • Strategic Narrative

    How can developing a strong strategic narrative deliver results for your business? In the words of Jonathan Bowers, Communications Director ...
  • Employee Voices

    Hear one business describe how it ensures employees at all levels have a voice in the organisation. "We seek participation from everyone and...
  • Developing Products

    "Here's how developing a new product benefited my business" - Diversification can be key to your business' success. Here, Business Link find...
  • Make Savings: Waste

    "Here's how we benefited from reducing and recycling waste" - Could your business start waste reduction or recycling programmes to keep busi...
  • Taking Out a Loan

    "Here's how my business benefited from taking out a loan" - Loans and grants are possible sources of finance for your business. Here busines...
  • Protecting Ideas - Business Link

    "Here's how I protected my idea with a trade mark" - Here, Colin Reeves talks to about how he went about registering his co...

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