Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Simon Fraser (Former Permanent Under-Secretary and Head of UK Diplomatic Service): Twitter Archive

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  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 31/07/2015

    Last day @foreignoffice. So many great memories. Thanks everyone!

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 31/07/2015

    I am now tweeting on @SimonFraser00 please continue to stay in touch.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 29/07/2015

    Many congrats to @SMcDonaldFCO on his appointment as my successor @foreignoffice. Great choice.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 28/07/2015

    Thanks to everyone who attended or listened to my farewell all staff meeting @foreignoffice today.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 27/07/2015

    Today starting my last week as @foreignoffice Permanent Under-Secretary. A strange feeling after 5 action packed years.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 15/07/2015

    #Irandeal shows how patient persistent #diplomacy can deliver results, prevent conflict & is excellent vfm for taxpayer. @foreignoffice

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 14/07/2015

    I'm speaking tomorrow Wed lunchtime @instituteforgov about leadership and reform in Whitehall. @UKCivilService @foreignoffice

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 14/07/2015

    Well done @SimonGassIran @AjaySharmaFCO & team @foreignoffice for huge contribution to #Irantalks. Shows value of #diplomacy @UKCivilService

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 10/07/2015

    .@RubyMS thanks for talking to @foreignoffice #fcoleadership with such honesty & clarity abt your leadership values yesterday. We loved it.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 10/07/2015

    Our @foreignoffice Local Staff Advisory Group made a huge contribution to our #fcoleadership week. Thanku!

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 09/07/2015

    Iain Conn of Centrica to #fcoleadership: "@foreignoffice support for UK business abroad on average excellent and on occasions outstanding".

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 09/07/2015

    What an uplifting #fcoleadership week @foreignoffice. Thanks for the energy & honesty. Great people; great organisation. @UKCivilService

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 09/07/2015

    First @foreignoffice #fcoleadership conf was in 2003. 12 years later so much more #engagement #focus #energy #diversity, #unity #fun.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 07/07/2015

    Today @foreignoffice #fcoleadership conf devoted to regional discussions. I'm taking part on #Europe #Africa #Asia/Pacific #MiddleEast.

  • Simon Fraser @simonfraser00 07/07/2015

    Pleased to note that for meeting of @foreignoffice Women's Association yestrdy we needed bigger room than in previous years! #fcoleadership

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