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  • Mandeville @iammandeville 25/07/2013

    @lucyrsimms I agree!

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 18/07/2013

    @Bouillabaise isn't it fabulous! :)

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 18/07/2013

    I wonder if @TO2015 can tell me whether their mascot Pachi the porcupine is on twitter... I'd like a word with him

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 11/07/2013

    @jusmuzz I don't know what @iamwenlock is doing. @Paralympic gave me a home at their HQ after the Games, but haven't heard from Wenlock!

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 11/07/2013

    @Zafarcakes I don't know! Maybe @Olympics will know...

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 07/07/2013

    Three bid cities for 2020 Olympics & Paralympics: Istanbul, Tokyo, Madrid. What's you view?

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 05/06/2013

    @ClassGuitarist ooh, please wish your son a happy belated 8th birthday from me. I hope he had a lovely day.

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 29/05/2013

    Brings back memories of #London2012 Aquatics Centre... make sure you watch #Montreal2013 Swim World Champs online >>

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 26/05/2013

    I've been watching @IPCPowerlifting live stream all weekend. If you missed it, catch up on ParalympicSport.TV

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 21/05/2013

    @MotivateEast ooh, I hope you get some cracking stories :)

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 19/05/2013

    @olympic_2014 it's a mystery to me! @Olympics what have you done with my buddy @iamwenlock?

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 13/05/2013

    @taurusfraggle not sure... I haven't heard from @iamwenlock in ages!

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 10/05/2013

    @taurusfraggle it would be an honour! :)

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 08/05/2013

    @Bouillabaise we certainly did! :)

  • Mandeville @iammandeville 08/05/2013

    @bima_AV now that sounds like an offer I can't refuse :)

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