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Independent/State School Partnerships Grant application guidance 2005/2006 

Gifted and Talented Pupils

This guidance supplements the general guidance for 2005-06 ISSP grant applications and should be read in conjunction with it


1.To establish innovative and sustainable partnership projects that satisfy each of the following objectives:

  1. Have a direct, measurable impact on pupil attainment, achievement or performance;
  2. Improve the quality of identification, provision or support for the gifted and talented cohort;
  3. Introduce a gifted and talentd partnership model that can be replicated at minimal cost by similar partnerships outside the present grants scheme;
  4. Introduce partnerships to an area that has not benefited before; and
  5. Produce outcomes that will benefit a wider community beyond the partnership itself  

General principles for awarding grant

2.  Projects must comply with each of the following principles:

  1. focus on academic subjects, sports or the creative arts;
  2. establish multiple partnerships;
  3. introduce innovative mechanisms for sharing ideas and good practice to the local gifted and talented community beyond the partnership.

3.  All grant applications for the gifted and talented strand of funding will be considered on the basis of the extent to which they comply with the objectives and principles outlined above.

Additional information

4.  For the purposes of this grant, gifted and talented pupils are those who achieve, or who have the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of the average for their year group in their school. Schools should draw participants from a gifted and talented cohort of 5-10% of pupils in the relevant year group(s). This cohort can include pupils with academic ability (defined as ability in one or more statutory curriculum subjects, other than art, music or PE) or pupils with talent (defined as those with ability in art, music, PE or in any sport or creative art). As the definition of 'gifted and talented' is a relative concept, schools may wish to work with partners with similar ability profiles. Those who work with schools with different ability profiles will need to take these differences into account in their planning.

5.  If you are in an EiC, Excellence Challenge or Excellence Cluster area, please make your local Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator aware of your proposals.  Alternatively, if you are outside these areas, please inform the nominated Gifted and Talented contact in your local authority of your application.  

6.  Applicants may wish to be aware of the following websites which also provide links to other useful sites:

TeacherNet's Gifted and Talented area G&TWISE -

Qualifications & Curriculum Authority  -

World Class Tests -

The Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth -

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